Lalena is an open source venture capital club and digital agency. We elevate platforms for everyone - online and offline.


Like music, Lalena is a multilinear system where everything happens at once.

Specializing in custom web design and production, custom app design and production, interactive animations and games, cross platform strategies, trans-media strategies, black magic, blockchains, cryptocurrency investment strategies and more!

At it's core Lalena is philanthropic futures and speculation.


Q: What Exactly is Lalena?

Lalena is a ten-year blockchain initiative. Its goal is to promote and educate blockchain technology and its use cases to a larger audience and increase adoption among non-profits and charitable causes. Lalena will release open source technology and engage in cryptocurrency venture in order to support its directives. We will do this through multiple platforms...Read More

Q: What are Lalena Factories and How Do They Work?

Modern factories are usually associated with pollution or unsavory working conditions. As a decentralized club, a factory’s purpose doesn’t have to fall in line with our preconditions. And as Andy Warhol proved, sometimes “factories” aren’t always what they seem. Our factories are different...Read More

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LLA Logo


LLA is an ERC20 Ethereum-based utility token. It functions as a proof of membership to the Lalena club.

LLX Logo


LLX represents the "work" of Lalena as a company. All initiatives and leased services are categorized under the Club Lalena and exchanged via LLX. LLX is expected to be distributed in Q1 2018.


LLA-Waves Logo


Waves-backed LLA can be purchased for future memberships / promotions and a token swap for ERC2 tokens at a to-be-determined ratio in the near future.

Active traders on the Waves platform may be eligible for airdropped LLA options. Contact us for more information.

Selected Projects

Isla Nena Relief Fund Website Preview
Isla Nena Relief Fund

Lalena created an initiative to accept donations for the relief and rebuild effort of Puerto Rico as they recover from Hurricane Maria.

Lalena will register Isla Nena Relief Fund as a non-profit and work with other non-profits on the ground to establish a blockchain trust based on the Worgl Experiment to assist in the rebuilding effort.

Visit Isla Nena Relief Fund Website
Buffalo International Film Festival Website Preview
Buffalo International Film Festival

Lalena consulted and built an entire online archival platform and website for the 11 year running Buffalo film festival.

In addition to digital strategy, Lalena is also providing support in event production and consolutation.

Visit Buffalo International Film Festival Website
Alexander Olch New York Website Preview
Alexander Olch New York

Lalena established an entire digital platform for the Olch brand to manage it's inventory both as a physical flagship store in New York City and an online presence accepting international orders.

Visit Alexander Olch New York Website

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